SoundSurface DT

Screen Case 2U 19“, 2x DELL screens

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The „SoundSurfce DT“ Double Touch case was designed to match the demand of touring professionals. “Made In Germany” it is purpose-built to host two DELL P2418HT touchscreens with a 2U 19” rackspace below the touchscreens plus rack rails (front and back). The upper touchscreen has a wide range of motion due to the sophisticated monitor mount. A clamshell   stop mechanism prevents a collision of the two touchscreens. The bottom touchscreen features a toolless release allowing quick access to the inside cabling. The case comes with everything necessary for a fast setup (f.e. screws, cable management). It also features a compartment for a Netgear GS108 switch. The dimensions allow the SoundSurface DT to fit in a PELI 1637 Air case.

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