SoundSurface DT-FLY-TOUCH/FIT – 2U/HE:

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The DT-FLY case is a cost-effective alternative to our DT-Case flagship. It comes in two different versions. The DT-FLY-Touch is tailor made for two  22“ Touchscreens (Hannspree HT225 or iiyama T2252MSC). The DT-FLY-FIT is designed for the combo “one 22 Touchscreen + the Waves FITcontroller”. Both versions can be ordered with 1, 2 or 3U rackspace. Please note that the upper 1U/HE rackunit on the DT-FLY-Touch is not fully accessible, as the monitormount claims some space. The useable rackspace on the 1U/HE DT-FLY-Touch between the monitormount and rackpanels is 14cm from both sides. The DT-FLY-FIT has the full rackspace, even as 1U version. The DT-FLY comes with the same monitor arm/mount like on our DT-Case flagship and will also fit into our HC-Hardcase. DT-FLY with 2 and 3U/HE support also our DT-SIDEBOARDS.