2 rack unit amplifier, with DSP processes, support 70V/100V power supply, Touch Screen LCD and Dante(optional)

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Power & Amplifier section

Number of Channels 8
Output Power 8 x 750W @ 4ohm(4x1500W@8ohm) or 70V/100V Direct Drive
Output Circuitry Class D Amp Module- full bandwith PWM modulator with ultra low distortion
THD + N 1% @ maximum output power
Frequency Response >108 dB (A-weighted, AES-17 filter)
Power Supply independent Switch mode Power Supply
Operating Range 90 – 245 VAC (50/60Hz)
Protections Thermal, Short-circuit/Overload, Clip Limiter, Permanent Signal Limiter, High Frequency
Maximum Input Level +13dBu
Maximum Output Level +6dBu
Analog Input 4 x XLR electronically balanced, +13dBu
Frequency Response (DSP) 20 Hz – 20 KHz; -0.5dBu at 20 Hz and 20 kHz

DSP & Processing

DSP Engines 2 x MARANI® M716 DSPs
DSP Resolution 24 bit (data) x 32bit (coeff.), 54 bit accumulation registers
96 bit precision on intermediate processing data
Parametric Equalization 12 band parametric equatlization per input
4 band parametric equalization per output
filter gain range from -15 to +15 dBu
FIR for Phase Correction Asymmetrical 512 Taps, allowing also FIR latency Adjustment/reduction.
Coefficients can be generated by Pc Sw embedded Wizard tool, imported by external third party applications,and exported to third parties applications
Filter Type Bell, Shelving, HP/LP, Band Pass, Notch Filter, All Pass
Filter Gain From -15dBu up to +15dBu by 0.5dBu resolution steps
Center Frequency Sortable with a 0.5dBu resolution step from 20Hz up to 20kHz
Filter Q/BW Bell: Q from 0.4 up to 128, steps: 100
Shelving: Q from 0.1 up to 5.1, steps: 100
Bandpass/Notch: Q from 4 up to 104, steps: 100
Input&Output Gain -12dB ~ +12dB, resolution: 0.1dBu
IIR Crossover section HPF/LPF Butterworth 6/12/18/24/36/48dB per octave; Bessel 12/24dB per octave;
Linkwitz-Riley 12/24/36/48dB per octave.
FIR Crossover section HPF/LPF Hp/Lp/Bp filters, Taps from 256 up to 512, Attenuation up to -120dB, Window type as Rect / Sinc /
Keiser / Hanning / Hamming / Blackman / Nuttal / Sine
Noise Generator Type: White/Pink Noise; Level: -40dBu ~ 0dBu
Input RMS Compressor Threshold from -16dBu up to +14dBu; Ratio: 2:1~32:1; Knee: 0~100%;
Attack time from 5ms up to 200ms; Release time from 0.1sec up to 3sec
Output Peak Limiter Threshold from -16dBu up to +14dBu;
Attack time from 1ms up to 900ms; Release time from 0.1sec up to 5sec
Head room on Internal Overflow
12dB Headroom
Delay Each input has up to 500.998ms delay, each output has up to 340.998ms delay
Ground Noise -86 dBu


Device Presets 50
Front Panel LCD display with Touchscreen Function
1 x Blue LED (Power)
1 x Rotary encoder push button switches
USB type B connector
Rear Panel 2 x 12 pin Phoenix connector  (Analog Input)
2 x  6  pin Phoenix connector  (Digital  Input)
8 x 2  pin Phoenix connector (Output)
2 x Ethernet 10/100 TCP-IP (Dante™ Audio Signal: optional)
1 x Ethernet 10/100 TCP-IP (ETHERNET PC Control)
1 x Locking PowerCON® 20A: AC Power Cord (Blue)
1 x 80*80 mm 24V FAN
Dimensions 482X314.5X88mm
Weight, Net / Shipping 14.50 Kg / 16.00 Kg

Ytterligare information

Vikt 11 kg
Dimensioner 50 × 50 × 20 cm