Versarray™ MK III Halo

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The Crest Audio® Versarray™ Mk III Halo connects Versarray 112 Mk III / Pro 112 and Pro 215 Sub speakers to overhead rigging. Provides four M20 X 2.5 mm thread forged steel eyebolts for traditional rigging on the top of the halo; halo center bar has 8 single-point hang locations to balance the Halo, and an optional 2 foot fly bar increases the number of separate and distinct balance points to 29. Includes quick-lock pins to mate to optional fly bar and the first Versarray 112 Mk III / Pro 112 cabinet in a line. Features Versarray Mk III Halo • Material: All steel construction, 2” by 3” welded steel frame tubing with 3/16” wall thickness, center bar 1/2 ” thick by 3” solid steel with eight 23 mm rigging holes along the center of it’s length, Halo coupling mounts for the cabinet front hang straps are dual 1/8” thick steel plates, one pair on each side • Finish: Entire halo is flat black powder coated paint finish • Working load limit: 400 kg / 881 lbs for Ultimate Strength Design Factor of 10:1 (This meets PLASA North America criteria and typically exceeds local USA safety requirements.) • Working load limit: 334 kg / 734 lbs for Ultimate Strength Design Factor of 12:1 (This is in compliance with the European Union mandated Safety Factor) • Maximum number of Versarray 112 Mk III passive cabinets: 10 • Maximum number of Versarray Pro 112 powered cabinets: 10 • Maximum number of Versarray Pro 215 Powered Sub cabinets: 5 (Note: Versarray Pro 215 Sub cabinets do NOT articulate or angle, they must be hung at a zero degree angle. Therefore, we recommend that they be hung at the top of a line.) • Can fly up to 5 Versarray Pro 215 Subs, or 10 Versarray 112 Mk III / Pro 112 cabinets • Maximum combined pull-back angle for two or less subs in the hang: 30° • Maximum pull-back angle for more than two subs in the hang: 15°

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